Connecta Automotive User Experience

Our solutions

Gesture recognition

Rear seat displays for entertainment

Internet 3rd party applications

Reconfigurable touch screens

Telematics control unit

Reconfigurable instrument clusters

Voice recognition systems

Cloud connectivity

Augmented heads-up displays

Personalization of HMI interfaces

Full Dash Smart faceplate (head unit)

Connecta at a glance

Connecta Automotive Solutions is a technology and software development company founded by international entrepreneurs from the automotive industry and highly skilled technical professionals from the software infotainment segment.
Connecta, in partnership with international companies develops the most innovative and easy-to use software solutions for the mobility market segment. Our core technology is Infotainment, UI and software development. In addition to that, we have a created department which has key importance within our company and focuses on R&D and innovation.

Our key competence:


We design and build cutting edge technology for the automotive, motorbike and special vehicles segments.


We provide up-to-date features and a safe driving experience by connecting the vehicles and smart devices in the cloud.


We develop location-based products that provide personalized ADAS experiences.


We invent, create and build safer and smarter products for the enhanced driving experience.


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